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Inside the Catholic Aquarium, immediately after the main entrance on the left, there is the "PesceAzzurro" self-service restaurant with tasty menus of fresh Adriatic fish.

The self-service restaurant is open from 1st April to 1st November every day for both lunch and dinner.
The opening hours are from 12:00 to 14:00 and from 19:30 to 22:00.

The menu varies from day to day and can be consulted directly on the site:

The large complete menu at the price of €15.00 includes:
- 2 appetizers
- 1 first course
- 2 seconds
- 1 side dish
- 1 bread
- 1 covered
Free draft wine and water

It is also possible to buy the complete large menu to take away at the price of
€15.00 by ordering it at the “PesceAzzurro” bar.
The take-away menu includes: 2 appetizers + 1 first course + 2 second courses + 1 side dish + 1 bread + cutlery and napkin kit.

For the little ones, baby primino is available, a personalized pasta in the shape of a small fish with sauce of the day or plain for only €4.50 or the baby menu which includes baby primino and a cup of ice cream for only €5.50 .

In the Pesceazzurro bar it is possible to taste the " moretta " typical liqueur of Fano origins to which coffee and lemon zest are added.

our story

It is the love for the sea that wakes up the fishermen of the Adriatic Sea every morning. Since 1939, originating from a Mutual Aid Society, Coomarpesca was born, a cooperative of real fishermen driven by a passion for fishing and for the tradition of fish on the table. A passion that, over time, has been diverted from the fishing boats at sea to the port of Fano, up to the historical centers and the streets of the city through tastings of the fish product of the Adriatic. From sardines scottadito to clams alla "pureta", from fish soup to grilled Bluefish cooked on the fire: each dish was always cooked within a few hours of hoisting the nets and shared with Fano families, becoming one of the main culinary traditions of the city of Fano.

The local fishermen became – anticipating today's culinary trends – true pioneers of street food . Equipped with a large automarket equipped with cold rooms and a transportable focone, the Fanesi of the fishermen's cooperative set out on the roads of the Marche hinterland to become spokespersons for the goodness and genuineness of the Bluefish . CoomarPesca's remarkable awareness campaign became a real moment of celebration in every square in the province of Pesaro and Urbino: samples of grilled Bluefish were free , and people gathered around the large automarket with a lot of curiosity and appetite.

The Bluefish of Fano began to be appreciated throughout the province. At every event organized by the fishermen's cooperative, families, the elderly, children and curious young people of Fano and the hinterland became the main reason why it was decided to open a restaurant dedicated to them. A restaurant that fully reflected the festive and sharing atmosphere found in the historic centers of the province and in the streets of the port of Fano.
A sort of self-service of fish caught in the Adriatic Sea with tables that would have recreated the atmosphere of a festival, a place where you can sit next to someone who wants to share a good fish meal at an affordable price. From clams to sardines, from horse mackerel to spearfish: a complete fish menu where you can taste fish from the Adriatic Sea in appetizers, first courses, second courses and side dishes. Thus, the city of Fano hosts the new restaurant of the fishermen's cooperative , "Al Pesce Azzurro".

Simplicity and Genuineness. Here are the two keys to success of the great swarm of people created around Al Pesce Azzurro in Fano. Simplicity of the structure and of the dishes, genuineness of a poor fish and at the same time rich in flavour, simplicity of the service and cuisine, genuineness of the fishermen and the cooks. The popular price – due to the considerable quantity of oily fish in the Adriatic Sea – and the local typicality of the dishes offered, made it possible to have a healthy meal of fish in peace for everyone.
With the opening of a new restaurant in Cattolica in 2009 , the Al Pesce Azzurro restaurant began to be talked about beyond the province of Pesaro, until it arrived – in 1984 – to have Pope John Paul II as an illustrious guest.
But the notoriety and success of the Bluefish also brought with it great envy and rivalry, which culminated in June 2010 with a great fire in the Fano facility. But the fishermen of the Fano cooperative were certainly not known for pulling oars into boats.
In less than a month, thanks to the great solidarity shown by the whole city of Fano, the Pesce Azzurro reopened its doors on 14 July 2010 in a large temporary structure and - in less than a year - in May 2011 it inaugurated the new large self-catering restaurant -service of Fano.


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