Dinosaurs World

Dinosaurs World

A face-to-face encounter with the mighty reptiles of prehistory awaits you at Cattolica Aquarium. Set off for a journey back in time to 65 million years ago.




From the mists of time, in a lost and forgotten valley, dinosaurs are back to roam the Earth!


Allosaurus, Titanosaurus, Dracorex and many other species that lived on the planet over 65 million years ago, are among us again.

What brought the Dinosaurs back?

Find out for yourself, if you dare, in the new prehistoric route of Cattolica Aquarium.

Travel back in time to the dawn of prehistory, face the dangers of the Jurassic age, venture across a primitive plain, and... watch out for the T-Rex!


At the end of the trail, a large excavation area awaits you.

Help the paleontologists dig up the fossils!


Dinosaur World, the 2022 New Feature at Cattolica Aquarium.

The experience is included in the ticket price.

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