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Activities by reservation


Behind the scenes

Through classrooms, laboratories, curatorial environments , curiosities and secrets are revealed and you learn how to take care of fish, reptiles, amphibians and mammals that live in the seas and rivers. An experience to discover the secrets of the Aquarium, through areas where the public does not access. A path alongside the experts, to learn about the work of the aquarists of the trainers and curators who take care of the host species of the largest aquarium in the Adriatic every day.

Voices from the Sea

The coral reef is a treasure chest teeming with marine species and corals, an immense patrimony of colors and life forms that form a harmonious and extremely beautiful ecosystem. If the barrier could speak, what would you tell us? Let's find out in the "Voices from the sea" appointment, with the expert guide and face to face with a scuba diver who, through a trifacial mask, directly answers questions from the public on the aspects, secrets and conditions of the coral reef. It will be like diving and listening to the voice of corals, fish and the sea itself, listening to the questions of a habitat that has so much to reveal to us about environmental conditions and the work of man.

The Secrets of the Reptile

They have cold blood, the body covered with scales, some wrap the victims among their coils, others change the whole skin, some are deadly, others extremely useful. Reptiles have lived on planet Earth for over 100,000,000 years spanning entire ages. They are much older than men, on whom they arouse extreme emotions, ranging from fear to charm so as to have always been protagonists of stories, myths and legends. On the route The secrets of the reptile, snakes, iguanas and saurians show their survival strategies, their role in nature and the particularities that make them perfect machines and examples of evolution at the same time. Along the same path you also get to know the masters of terrestrial mimicry: amphibians and insects, from the most curious to the most lethal.

Little vet

Even sharks and starfish have a beating heart and the little vets are very ready to verify that they are ... healthy as fish!
An appointment for very young, struggling with doctor's shirts, stethoscope and stuffed patients.

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