Openings and times

Calendar 2021

The management reserves the right to change conditions and opening times during the season.

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Opening from 10:00 to 18:00
Ticket offices open from 9:30 to 16:00.
The Park closes at 6.00 pm (last admission to the Blue route at 4.30 pm, Yellow, Green and Purple routes at 5.30 pm)

Opening 10:00 - 18:30
Ticket offices open from 10:00 to 16:30.
The Park closes at 6:30 pm (last entrance to the Blue route at 5:00 pm, Yellow, Green and Purple routes at 6:00 pm)

Opening 10:00 - 20:00
Ticket offices open from 10:00 to 18:00.
The Park closes at 8.00 pm (last entrance to the Blue route at 6:30 pm, Yellow, Green and Purple routes at 7:30 pm)

How to reach us

How to reach us

Cattolica Aquarium:

square of Nations 1 / A
47841 Cattolica (RN)
tel. 0541 8371
fax 0541 831350

Cattolica railway station then bus n ° 125 stop n ° 71 "Cattolica Aquarium"
For information on bus timetables: tel. 0541/300811 - 0541/300533
For information on train timetables:

A14 motorway, exit at Cattolica
The park is about 4 km from the motorway exit, and is located on the Cattolica seafront, on the border with Portoverde di Misano Adriatico. NB To search on the navigator, type via Francia.

BY BUS (urban service):
from Rimini line n ° 11 to Riccione (P.le Curiel).
From Riccione (P.le Curiel) line n ° 125 to Cattolica (stop n ° 71 "Acquario di Cattolica")
For information on bus timetables: tel. 0541/300811 - 0541/300533

The car and camper parkings (parking and overnight campers guarded and equipped with electricity / water / drainage) of the Cattolica Aquarium are entrusted to the Cooperative La Brianza. For any information on rates, timetables and services, contact the number 333/3444174 directly or contact us on facebook at the Sosta Camper Cattolica page.

Pesce Azzurro

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will find answers to frequently asked questions about:
Tickets, Schedules & Calendar, Animals, Services, Accessibility (strollers and prams), Discounts-Conventions-Hotel, COVID-19

How much does the ticket for the Cattolica Aquarium cost?
To know the rates, click HERE
Free admission for children under the meter and non self-sufficient disabled people (Law 104)

What does the ticket include?
The entrance ticket includes a visit to all four routes ( Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple ).
Not included: restaurants, shop purchases, parking.

Are there guided tours by appointment?
No, paid appointments are currently suspended due to COVID-19.

How long does the visit last?
The duration of the visit is between 2 and 4 hours.

Can I go out and back in the same day with the same ticket?
Yes, it is possible to exit and re-enter: ask for assistance from the staff on duty so that you do not have to pay the entrance again.

How long is the Cattolica Aquarium ticket valid?
The Cattolica Aquarium ticket is valid for one day, once it has been stamped it is no longer refundable (Article 74 of Presidential Decree 633/72).
It must be kept for the entire visit and shown in the event of a tax check.
The unsigned ticket, on the other hand, is valid until 31/12/2020.

Can I pay by credit card or debit card?
Yes, ticket office, souvenir shops, refreshment points accept payments by debit or credit card

When is the Cattolica Aquarium open?
For timetables and calendar, click HERE

Do the routes have the same timetable as the ticket office?
Blue Route: opens at the same time as the ticket office, closes 30 minutes after the ticket closes.
Yellow, Green and Purple Route: open 30 minutes after the ticket office opens, close 1 hour after the ticket office closes.

Can I visit the Aquarium when it rains?
Yes, the pavilions are indoor. However, we warn you that the Aquarium is very popular especially in case of bad weather and that, due to the anti-COVID-19 precautions, queues can form outdoors.

How can I reach the Cattolica Aquarium?
For information on how to reach the Cattolica Aquarium by car, train or bus, click HERE


What animals are there at the Cattolica Aquarium?
The Cattolica Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the Adriatic and the second largest in Italy. Its 2,500,000 liters of sea water are home to thousands of animals of hundreds of different species.
At the Aquarium you will find: the largest bull sharks in Italy, fish, jellyfish, moray eels, crustaceans, corals, seahorses, starfish and thousands of marine organisms, sharks of various species, penguins ( Blue path), otters, caimans (path Yellow ), snakes, saurians, amphibians, insects ( Green route)
The Aquarium is not home to dolphins and cetaceans.

Can dogs and other animals be brought into the Park?
Yes, however, only small dogs and pets are allowed and only if kept in the arms, in the carrier or in the bag.
Guide dogs for blind people are an exception.

Can Aquarius animals be touched?
No, the only contact allowed with Aquarius animals is with the tactile tank stingrays.
(Experience temporarily suspended, due to COVID-19)

Can you swim with sharks?
No, it is not possible to dive in the shark tank ( they wouldn't like it, and ... neither do you).

Is it possible to photograph or make videos of animals?
Yes, for the protection of animals it is forbidden to use a flash, but you can take photos and videos.
If tagged @acquariodicattolica_ ( with underscore ) on #instagram we will share the most curious photos and stories

Are there any animals on the Viola route?
No, the Viola route hosts educational and informative exhibitions and has no live animals.

SERVICES (Toilets, Restaurants, Parking lots, Outdoor areas)

Where are the toilets located? Are there toilets for the disabled?
The trivalent services accessible from the outside are located in the Viola pavilion (ground floor).
There are separate male-female-disabled toilet facilities inside the Blue, Green and Purple pavilions.

Are there any refreshment points?
Yes, within the Blue route: snack bar # Colonia34, managed by the Aquarium. Offers: cafeteria, drinks, first courses, wraps, toast, sandwiches and packaged ice creams.
Outside the park: Restaurant of the Pesce Azzurro chain. Offers: self service with fixed menu of fish at Km0. Info restaurant: 0541 831919.

Can I bring a packed lunch?
Yes, in the green outdoor area there are two gazebos and several tables at your disposal.

Are there any products for celiacs?
No, gluten-free foods are not available at the # Colonia34 snack bar.

Are there parking spaces for cars and campers?
Yes, there are car and camper parking lots adjacent to the park, entrusted to external management by the "La Brianza" Cooperative.
Infoline: 333-3444174.

Do you have a lost property office?
Yes, for lost or found items, contact the park information office or call us on 0541 8371.

Can I buy tobacco and refills inside the park?
No, the Aquarium does not have tobacco shops, mobile phone top-ups and newspapers.

Is it possible to use the outdoor green areas?
Yes, the outdoor green area of 49,000 square meters can be used in the same way as a public park.

ACCESSIBILITY (1) - Children & Strollers

Can I visit the Aquarium with a baby in the stroller?
Yes, we inform you, however, that there are flights of stairs within the Blue and Purple routes: we recommend that parents use backpacks or baby carriers.
Strollers can be left at the entrance to the Blue and Purple routes (unattended storage).
In replacement of the stroller, the Aquarium offers backpacks on loan, subject to availability.
(service temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 protocol)

Are there changing tables to change the baby?
Yes, in the dressing rooms of the toilets, there are changing tables, accessible by mum and dad,

Can baby food and bottles be heated?
No, the HACCP regulations and anti COVID-19 protocols do not allow us to handle food brought from outside.

ACCESSIBILITY (2) - Disabled people

Are the routes accessible to the disabled?
Yes, the Aquarium guarantees the full visit of the 3 routes with live animals ( Blue, Yellow and Green) to people with disabilities.
The Blue route can be visited despite the presence of stairs: one of our operators will be at your disposal to accompany you through an alternative access. The Yellow and Green routes are independently accessible to wheelchair users.

Access to the educational exhibition in the Viola route (average visit time 20 ') is not wheelchair accessible due to the presence of architectural barriers (flights of stairs).


Are there discounted tickets?
Yes, by purchasing your ticket online at least the day before your visit, you will get discounted rates.
For the online ticket office, click HERE

Do you have agreements with membership cards and fidelity cards?
Yes, to find out which cards the Aquarium has an agreement with, click HERE

Can a subscription be made to the Cattolica Aquarium?
Yes, find all the details HERE

Are there any hotels that have an agreement with the Cattolica Aquarium?
Yes, for a list of hotels that collaborate with the Aquarium, click HERE


Can I feel peaceful and protected during my Aquarium experience?
Yes, the Cattolica Aquarium applies strict anti-COVID-19 protocols for your safety. To find out which ones, click HERE



It might be helpful to know that

  • the name of the person who made the purchase is printed on all tickets purchased online. Of course they are valid for relatives, friends etc.
  • it is not possible to buy tickets ONLINE by bank transfer, Diners or American Express
  • it is also sufficient to present the pdf of the ticket purchased on your mobile phone or tablet, directly at the entrance
  • to print the tickets you must first save them
  • the combination ticket allows entry to the parks on different dates
  • even the combination ticket allows the purchase of the ticket for the return on a second day in the parks where the promotion is foreseen
  • fixed date ticket fares are dynamic and can change every 24 hours
  • the combined ticket fare is discounted for the full fare, without prejudice to free admission for children under one meter in height
  • the web rate is a discounted / promotional rate, therefore it cannot be combined with promotions and discounts that include admission accompanied by a full ticket


Great souvenirs

Cattolica Aquarium has four Gift Shops to allow visitors to buy souvenirs to remind them of their unique experience. An ample variety of items are available in our themed shops, with lots of new articles as well to fully satisfy the preferences and expectations of all customers.

The range includes educational items, articles for school and the home, official Cattolica Aquarium clothing, accessories and soft toys featuring sharks and other species on display.

External Areas

green spaces

Cattolica Aquarium’s ample green spaces, which can be used freely as a public park of over 4.9 hectares, provide the following amenities: leisure areas, adjacent beach, restaurant, bar, themed gift shops, play areas, children’s entertainment, shows, displays and cultural, conference and sport events.

Visit Cattolica

Known as the Queen of the Adriatic, Cattolica is an attractive and elegant holiday resort on the Riviera Romagnola, offering a host of attractions for visitors and tourists in both summer and winter.

Guests who choose a Cattolica holiday by the seaside know they’ll find beaches with full variety of facilities and a safe and clean sea that year after year is awarded the Blue Flag. Cattolica provides many opportunities for sports – water sports, beach sports and in fitness centres, or at one of the town’s two golf courses, but with many spaces also dedicated to motorsports.

Cycling fans will probably already have tried one of Cattolica’s bike hotels, with specialized services and suggestions for routes to be followed by bike only. Fine food and wine gourmets will find an endless variety of delicious specialities offered by this area with its wealth of culinary and oenological traditions, served in the town’s many restaurants.

For children and adults alike, a holiday in Cattolica also means visiting the spectacular theme parks of the Riviera Romagnola, a concentrated blend of fun and entertainment for all ages and all tastes, with an exciting and extremely varied range of attractions.

From absolute fun by day and night to absolute relaxation at Cattolica’s splendid wellness centres, by the sea or in country greenery, the perfect choice for restful holiday breaks. Cattolica also offers various cultural itineraries, discovering the many nearby countryside towns and villages of a territory rich in historical heritage, folk traditions and artistic treasures from the past.

Stretching from spring to autumn, Cattolica presents a season of great events bringing many visitors to the town every year, reaching a peak during the Pink Night celebrations for summer’s longest night, when the whole town and coast features an extravagant sequence of shows, concerts, open-air parties and other attractions right through till dawn.

And there’s lots more… takes you on a voyage of discovery to a world of themed holidays, to get to know Cattolica and its surroundings even better.


Contact us

Booking Office
Monday to Friday
mornings from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
afternoons from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm
tel. +39 0541 837.1 (Reception)
fax +39 0541 831350

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