The nannies of the sea

The nannies of the sea have arrived at the Cattolica Aquarium. With their roots areas, mangroves are important shelters for fish, crustaceans and molluscs. Mangrove ecosystems are currently believed to occupy less than 15 million hectares and have lost a quarter of their size since 1980. Mangroves are beneficial to the ecosystem for a myriad of reasons: they protect against tides, hurricanes and floods , reduce coastal and river erosion, avoid numbness of the waters offshore to protect the coral reef, are bird shelters, habitats for indigenous peoples, support biodiversity, recycle organic materials, constitute water and recharge basins underground aquifers, and are a cultural, spiritual, religious and artistic heritage. In the corridors of the blue entrance, you can immerse yourself in the new Mangrove of the Aquarium , to get to know the issues related to the ecosystem services offered by this type of forest

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